Continuous Motion VFFS


Continuous Motion VFFS up to 120 bags / min

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Ground Coffee Packaging


Form Stabilo Bag With Vent Valve

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Salt Packaging Machine

Flow wrapper

Full SS316 Design Ready for Salt Packaging

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Honor Pack - For Bag Related Packaging Machine & More

Welcome to Honor Pack for today's packaging technology & affordable solutions!

HONOR PACK Since 1992, Strategy toward today's packaging technology, we offer the automatic packaging solutions with vertical form fill seal machine, rotary bagging machine, combination weighers / scales, and extend bags in bag / box packaging systems. Featured flexibility & customization Honor Pack is ready to extend your production line from automatic packaging to bags, load bags into bulk bag or carton, conveying, stacking till ready for logistics transportation.

Genius & innovation solutions for our vertical form fill seal (VFFS) baggers ranged from intermittent to continuously, load zipper to vent valve, typical bags to quad seal & vacuumed.

Safety is important feature that we considering in design & programming.

Reliable, with restrict control for mechanical parts & using world famous company, Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Omron… ensure machines working for 24 x 7.

High performance, thanks to servo technology & precise time controlling, intermittent motion up to *80 bags / min & continuously motion to *120 bags per min.

And we are improving every day, bring customer for better service, improve machines for working better & user friendly.