Continuous Motion VFFS


Continuous Motion VFFS up to 120 bags / min

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Ground Coffee Packaging


Form Stabilo Bag With Vent Valve

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Salt Packaging Machine

Flow wrapper

Full SS316 Design Ready for Salt Packaging

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Packaging Machine Manufacturer Focusing Bag/Pouch Bagging,Filing & Sealing Packing Machine Since 1992

Welcome to Honor Pack for today's packaging technology & affordable solutions!

Honor Pack born for reduce packaging costs since 1992, Focusing in development, design, production, processing, marketing of packing machines and related equipment.

In the past 20 decades, Honor Pack growing up in market with semi-auto bag/pouch packing machine, from hand sealer, continuously sealing machine to vacuum sealer. With key of quality, cost-effective price, satisfactory Services, we got successful sale in the market during semi-auto period.

Strategy toward today's packaging technology and market - oriented, we offer the automatic bag/pouch packing machine to release worker from the packaging process. Not limited in Bagging, Forming, Filling & Sealing, Featured flexibility & customization Honor Pack is ready to extend your production line with Baling, Boxing, Cartoning, Conveying, Wrapping and Stacking until ready for logistics transportation.

Our Mission: Manufacture machine under the rule of "Performance Base on Safety; Intelligent Base on Stability"